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Multiple Object Detection with Python and Raspberry Pi

The picamera and edge detection routines will be used to identify individual objects, predict each object’s color, and approximate each object’s orientation (rotation). By the end of the tutorial, the user will be capable of dividing an image into multiple objects, determining the rotation of the object, and drawing a box around the subsequent object.

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Raspberry Pi Vibration Analysis Experiment With a Free-Free Bar

Using the Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, the resonant frequencies of a beam will be measured using a thin film piezoelectric transducer and compared to the theoretical calculations. A Raspberry Pi will be used along with a high-frequency data acquisition system (Behringer UCA202, sample rate: 44.1kHz) and the Python programming language for analysis. The fast fourier transform will allow us to translate the subtle beam deflections into meaningful frequency content. This tutorial is meant to introduce Python and Raspberry Pi as formidable tools for vibration analysis by using measurements as validation against theory.

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