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Importance of Silkscreens for PCB Identification and Labeling

Just as the signal lights of your car help to indicate when your car plans to take a turn or change lanes, the silkscreen is also used in the PCB process to help in testing and troubleshooting the board. The layer of silkscreen contains information regarding the PCB assembly process. This includes the location of components, their polarity and details for their placement and orientation, identifiers, labels and logos for various components. Your silkscreen must have a clear and readable font. In order to explain why silkscreen is so crucial let us discuss its importance in assembly and testing of PCBs.

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A Guide to Metal Core PCBs by PCBGOGO

The use of LED based electronics has significantly increased in the past few years. They have proven to be more efficient and nearly 5 times cheaper than normal incandescent units. But with their use came one downside: heat. Some devices tend to use a number of LEDs that remain on for a long period of time and so can overheat. The LEDs are usually mounted on PCBs and can therefore cause significant damage. There is however one alternative to common PCBs i.e. metal core printed circuits (MCPCBs).

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