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SAMD21 M0 Mini Arduino Board

In this tutorial, the SAMD21 M0 Mini is introduced, which is a variation of the Arduino Zero (SAMD21 48MHz). The SAMD21 board will be tested specifically in its speed and compatibility with several Arduino libraries. Particularly, the SAMD21 is the most powerful when harnessing its speed, but also in other areas such as analog to digital conversion. The SAMD21 core is a 32-bit microcontroller that will likely replace the traditional ATmega328 (8-bit microcontroller) over time. The SAMD21 core boasts 48MHz clock speeds in contrast to the 20MHz ATmega boards, while also being fully-compatible with many of the capabilities of the Arduino platform.

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Arduino Pitot Tube Wind Speed and Airspeed Indicator - Theory and Experiments

The pitot tube is a device used to approximate the speed of vehicles traveling by air and water. An in-depth article on NASA's website is dedicated to pitot tubes (also called pitot-static tubes, Prandtl tubes), where it cites the primary application as airspeed indicator on aircraft. For more information on design and limitations of the instrument, I recommend perusing that page. For this tutorial, only the basic theory is explored using Bernoulli's equation and a practical application. An inexpensive pitot tube and a digital differential pressure sensor are used to measure pressure, which is converted to a digital signal using an Arduino board.

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