Python - The Maker's Vocabulary

Python is a high-level programming language with immense capability and widespread utilization. The language is particularly useful for beginners because of its easy-to-use syntax. When combined with its Integrated Development and Learning Environment (IDLE) it becomes one of the most versatile tools available to makers. Python is the preferred programming language for the Raspberry Pi [beginners tutorial here] and it is the primary language used here in this blog. Enough has been said about Python on so many levels, so I will keep it short here and let the projects speak for themselves. Again, Python has a massive open-source archive, so many of the codes employed will be derived from others throughout the community. Some of the most successful and popular companies use Python as part of their web framework [YouTube, Google, Reddit], while others use it for data science [tutorial], engineering analysis [Example], and even common software we utilize daily. Python is a powerful tool for engineers and makers, and that is why it is the primary language used throughout this blog.


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