BLExAR RGB LED Dimmer Bundle

BLExAR RGB LED Dimmer Bundle


This bundle includes the necessary components to follow along with the RGB LED fade tutorial using the BLExAR app. The user will wire, program, and demonstrate how to change the color of a tri-color LED with the BLExAR app using both PWM control and on-off switches on the app. The PWM control of the RGB LED lets users select from a range of colors using a combination brightness of the three colors available on the LED.

This kit comes with the following components:

  1. Arduino Uno board

  2. RGB LED (with 3 anode legs, 1 cathode leg)

  3. Mini breadboard

  4. Jumper wires

  5. 3 resistors (two 100 Ohm, one 150 Ohm)

*iOS device NOT included!

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