BLExAR Demos

Below is a series of demos meant to demonstrate the capabilities of the iOS BLExAR app which communicates with an Arduino ATmega328p board.

Serial Communication Between iOS and Arduino

Search for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripherals and communication using the serial command window in Arduino. Follow along with the full tutorial here.


Serial Communication Between Arduino and iOS Device

Arduino LED Control with iOS Device

Visit the control page (here) to upload the control sketch to your Arduino board. Then, after wiring an LED onto one of the digital pins, BLExAR can be used to illuminate an LED using the CC2541 BLE module and an iOS device. Tutorial here.

Data Acquisition in Real-Time

BLExAR also gives users the ability to acquire data in real-time using the Data tab bar. Tutorial here.

iPhone X_MockUp_data_receive.png