LoRa 915MHz Module + 3dB Antenna (E32-915T20D)

LoRa 915MHz Module + 3dB Antenna (E32-915T20D)


Included in Package:

  • E32-915T20D LoRa Module

  • +3dB Antenna

Features of E32-915T20D LoRa Module:

  • 3.3V - 5V Supply

  • 120mA TX Current, 14mA RX Current, 4μA Sleep Current

  • Data Rates configurable from 0.3kbps - 19.2kbps

  • Operating Frequency 900MHz-931MHz (fully permitted in USA)

  • Open Air Distance ~3km

  • TX Power ~20dBm, RX Sensitivity ~-146dBm

  • UART TTL Serial Protocol

  • Based on SX1276 LoRa IC

  • Fully Compatible with Arduino boards over Serial UART Communication

  • E32-915T20D Full Datasheet here

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